Why You Should Consider an Ella’s Bubbles Walk-In Tub

Ultimate Air+hydro+independent Foot Massage Walk-in Tub – 30″w X 60″l (76cm X 152cm)

As a lifelong runner, I’ve always wanted to enjoy the luxury of a walk-in tub. I’ve used both hot tubs at high-end gyms for most of my life, and the water jets perform an invaluable service when it comes to maintaining the health and viability of my Achilles tendons, calves and spine.

But doing this has become nearly impossible lately because many gyms are now closed. As a result, I began to consider getting a walk-in tub installed in my home.

This decision was prompted by another, more personal factor. My wife, Clara, has multiple sclerosis that has become quite debilitating over time. Her ongoing need for effective hydrotherapy is essential to maintaining her mobility and ultimately being able to live in our home.

When I first started my search, I felt lost. Many of the products were inferior and unable to meet our needs, but then I got a recommendation from a friend that I should check out the walk-in tubs from Ella’s Bubbles.

Specifically, he suggested we get a walk-in tub with a dual massage therapy system. He said the combination of air and hydro massage therapy was exceptional. The dual massage therapy settings would provide both a gentile and deep penetrating treatment that was unmatched in other similar products he’d considered.

Simply put, he was right. Seeing his was the first step in the decision, but when I went to a showroom to see the various possibilities that were available to accommodate my wife’s needs and mine, I knew this was the product I had to have. After that it was just a question of making the right choice.

The product we chose was the Ultimate Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub with a glass screen and door. My wife loved the extra room it provided and I thought it was simply a wonderful product that would easily meet my needs, so we came to a very quick agreement about our choice.

The addition we made was the cultured marble 6 panel wall surround system, which was mostly an aesthetic choice. My wife loved the look of the cultured marble as well as the mosaic pattern. She liked that it was easy to clean, so that cinched the deal for us. The dealer told us this would save us some money compared to a tile install. To be honest, though, my wife loved it so much that the cost quickly became irrelevant.

My next questions had to do with getting all of this as a custom product, and I have to admit I had my doubts. But the dealer assured me that what we wanted was more than just possible. He took the time to go through our specific needs and run through how this product met our needs. We ended up making a couple of small changes, and he was very accommodating with regard to those as well.

Just to make sure, I checked out some of the reviews of the Ella’s Bubbles products that seemed close to our situation, and what I read further convinced me that I was on the right track. They were uniformly excellent, and packed with the kinds of details that convinced me that we could get exactly what we wanted.

The proof is in the pudding, though, so the final step was the installation. Everything was measured out, with the specs spelled out to the last detail, and the installer was able to address several minor issues that were impossible to anticipate during a store visit.

The wait for the final product was brief—albeit somewhat nerve racking-but I quickly discovered that any worries I may have had going in were basically a waste of nervous energy. The installation was quick, professional and seamless, and seeing the Ella’s Bubbles product installed in my home was simply a delight.

I don’t expect that to happen any time soon, though. The Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tub meets our unique needs perfectly, and I expect to stay in our home for years to come.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Read the reviews, and use the social media information on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to verify the specifics of my experience. If you’re experience is anything like mine, you’ll be more than glad you did!