The Benefits of Ella Walk-in Bathtubs for Companion Bathing

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Some older couples may not remember the last time that they ran a bath for two. Many modern walk-in bathtubs simply aren’t built for such an experience. This is a shame because seniors can gain so much joy and relaxation from companion bathing. The good news is that Ella’s Bubbles have specially designed bathtubs for two. They hope that this couple-friendly system will provide the ideal bathing experience for those that want to start bathing together.

Ella’s Bubbles want to bring microbubbles and companion bathing to as many couples as possible.

Companion bathing is a great way for couples to spend some quality time together. A romantic evening in with scented candles and soothing bubbles isn’t limited to the young. Older couples can have just as much fun relaxing together in the water. You can sit back, enjoy the therapeutic effects of the water and enhance that feeling through physical touch. This time together can help to strengthen relationships and bonds.

There may be other practical benefits to companion bathing too. Seniors in need of a little assistance getting in and out of the tub, or with other medical needs, are sure to feel more comfortable relying on a partner they trust. You can walk into a walk-in bathtub together, sit opposite each other and know that you have each other’s unwavering support.

The Ella Two Seated Walk-In Bathtubs are ideal for this scenario.

The Ella Big4Two, Tub4Two and Companion walk in bathtubs are designed to provide the best possible experience for couples. These models have two seats facing each other within a slightly longer bathtub. Couples can get comfortable on the molded acrylic seats and enjoy a great bath time experience. Aside from this additional seat, Ella two seated walk-in tubs have many luxury features available. There is dual drain technology for fast water drainage. Additionally there is the spa-style experience with jets placed in the optimal position for a great massage. This includes hydro jets on the backrest, air jets in the seat and controls for the intensity and temperature. There are also great safety features like the grab bars and textured flooring for a solid footing.

One of the other reasons that Ella’s Bubbles Bathtubs are so popular with seniors is the Infusion™ microbubble therapy. Microbubbles are just that; tiny little bubbles that enrich the water that flows from the jets. These bubbles help to increase the oxygen content of the water. This helps in cleansing and hydration of the skin. Additionally many users find this experience helps rejuvenate and softens skin.

Ella’s Walk-In Bathtubs are designed to go beyond your typical senior-friendly walk-in tub to provide a better experience. The two seated baths prove that older couples can have just as much fun relaxing in a bath as younger couples. These baths offer peace of mind with great, convenient features. Yet, they also enrich the experience with relaxing microbubbles. There is no better way for couples to bathe together in their sunset years.

About Ella’s Bubbles
Ella’s Bubbles is a Chicago-based OEM manufacturer of acrylic walk in tubs and national distributor of showers and bathroom fixtures.