Getting the Most for Your Money When Purchasing a Walk-In Tub


Ella’s Bubbles offers tips on how to find the walk-in tub that fits your needs best and provides the most value

Shopping for a walk-in bathtub can seem like a difficult and stressful task, especially without knowing where and what to look for when trying to find the model with the right features for the right price.

When it comes to walk-in tubs, they allow the bather to easily enter and exit the tub through an inward or outward swing door with a low threshold. Models come in many different sizes and configurations, featuring accessories to increase safety and enhance the bathing experience. With all of the different brands and models out there, it’s no wonder that the process of finding the right walk-in tub can be daunting.

First and foremost when starting to look for a walk-in tub to purchase, buyers need to decide on the features they want. Most importantly, the desired size of the tub can help to greatly narrow down a search. Below are some quick questions that can narrow down a search and help with getting a price or quote estimate.


  • What is the right size for my body type?
  • Are the door openings in your home wide enough to fit the tub?
  • Should I choose an inward or outward swing door?
  • Should I choose acrylic or gelcoat walk-in tub?
  • What are the customer reviews from the brand I choose?
  • What does the warranty cover for the Walk-In Tub?
  • Does the manufacturer offer technical support directly to the consumer?
  • Does the tub need to fit one or two people?
  • Is wheelchair access a requirement?
  • What are the measurements of your current tub alcove?
  • Do you require massage jets to assist in therapy for injuries or soreness?


Knowing these answers when comparing models can help save time when searching for the right walk-in tub. While there may be a few tubs you like, one may have the correct size and dimensions to fit into your existing space, saving money and time on unnecessary bathroom remodeling.

Additional information to consider when comparing different brands and models are the plumbing requirements for each walk-in tub. Older homes that haven’t gone through recent plumbing updates may not be able to accommodate the demands that models require in order to get the full value from that particular walk-in tub.

Consider if any plumbing updates such as new pipes, a larger or a second water heater is needed before choosing a model. Ella’s Bubbles has a wide range of walk-in tub designs, featuring affordable models to fit almost any situation. Whether it be the larger Big4Two model or the space saving Front Entry Walk In Tub, Ella’s Bubbles has the right tub to meet the safe bathing needs for nearly any living situation.

When shopping around for walk-in tub models it’s also smart to look for sale or clearance products. Many models are on sale or clearance when a new model has just come out, or a unit was returned in perfect condition. Other tub models or accessories may also be discounted for minor cosmetic defects, but function perfectly. A luxury model with all the bells and whistles can sometimes be discounted for a minor scratch.

For more information about searching for the right walk-in tub, call or contact us online. Ella’s Bubbles has a nationwide network of re-sellers and expert installers available to assist with free in-home evaluations to help determine bathroom fit and requirements.