Another Successful Installation of Ella’s Big4Two

Transfer60 Outward Swing Door Wheelchair Accessible Acrylic Walk-in Bathtub – 30″w X 60″l (76cm X 152cm)


The Biggest Two Seat Walk In Tub in the World

Before and After Big4Two Walk In Tub Installation
by Bobby Harris Nicholasville, Kentucky July, 2018

Couples Bathing Made Possible by Ella’s Bubbles

Ella’s Bubbles is not only the pioneer of the two seat walk in bathtubs but the one and the only manufacturer in the industry. Nobody else manufactures and offers a two seat walk in tub.  Bathing for two can be the perfect antidote to stress, summer heat or winter chills. Two seated walk in tubs are not only for elderly, they make for a great couples leisure activity that any adult can enjoy.

Ella Acrylic Walk In Tubs For Two

All of our Ella’s Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs have special features to enhance your bathing experience. Some benefits include Chromatherapy, Healthy Radiant Heat, MicroBubble Therapy, and even Ozone Sterilization.

The hydro massage jetting treatment is a great way to soothe achy arches and smooth roughed-up heels. It also keeps your warm in the tub by reheating the water as it is pumped through the jets. Air massage jets provide a softer touch and subtle massage that gently surrounds the body. Vibrating back massagers make for the ultimate relaxing spa like treatment.

Couples can fill the tub up half way for a quick foot massage while sitting and relaxing with the heated seats and vibrating back massagers.

Ella’s nation wide authorized resellers and professional installer network provides walk in tub installation services throughout the USA. If you have a question about walk in tubs for your home, talk with one of our certified installers for more information.

Call Ella’s Bubbles at 800-480-6850 or contact us to schedule a walk in bath installation in your home today.


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Another Successful Installation Of Ella’s Big4two

See more about our Big4Two walk in tub. Our largest model.

Another Successful Installation Of Ella’s Big4two

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Another Successful Installation Of Ella’s Big4two