Can I Use Bath Bombs, Epsom Salt or Lotion in My Ella Walk in Tub?

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A question we often get asked is: “Can I Use Bath Bombs, Epsom Salt or Lotions in My Ella Walk in Tub?”.

The answer depends on the type of walk-in tub that you own.

Soaking tubs do not have any air or hydro jets, so using bath bombs in this type of walk-in tub would be fine. You might have to use the hand held shower head to rinse out the tub after you are finished bathing.

If you have hydo, microbubble or air massage features in your walk in tub, we DO NOT recommend that you use bath bombs. Bath bombs my damage the hydro jetting features of your walk-in tub.

Can I use Epsom Salt in my walk-in tub?

We recommend that you dissolve epsom salts in a cup of water first before pouring it into your walk-in tub so that there are no large particles that could clog the massage jets.

Can I use soap, shampoo or lotions in my walk-in tub?

Yes, you may use any water soluble soaps, shampoos and lotions in your walk-in tub.