Safety Bathtubs For Seniors

Lay Down Inward Swing Door Acrylic Walk-in Tub – 32″w X 72″l (81cm X 182cm)


Safety Bathtubs For Seniors

When you wake up in the morning and want to clean yourself, are you afraid of falling or having an accident in the shower? Have you tried to use store bought shower chairs that are flimsy and unstable? Have you fallen while bathing in the past leaving you in fear that it could happen again? Does the bating process leave you feeling exhausted instead of refreshed? Hand rails are helpful but they don’t come close to solving the problems of people with difficulties using traditional bathing methods. Most common injuries occur in the bathroom for our elder population. Bathing is important for your health and good hygiene. It should not be a difficult event. If you are looking to remain independent as long as possible, you must be able to bathe in a safe and secure manner.

Safety Bathtubs For Seniors

The solution is a walk in bathtub.

A walk in tub allows you to enter through a door without having to take a large step or slide in on the side from a wheelchair. You then remain seated for the duration of your bath while the tub soothes and massages sore muscles and joints. Additional features like MicroBubbles help clean and energize your skin using the latest technology to oxygenate the water. A walk in tub has higher sidewalls allowing you to fully immerse yourself while in a comfortable seated position. There is also a hand sprayer to use when washing your head and shoulders.

Entering the tub is the most difficult factor for those with mobility issues and when you are at the most risk of injury during traditional bathing. You can enter and exit the walk in bathtub with relative ease with a series of strategically positioned handrails, without overextending or getting into precarious positions while alone. Once the fears of falling and all safety matters are alleviated, you can fully immerse yourself in a soothing, enjoyable bath at any time you prefer.

Seniors on fixed incomes may not be enthusiastic about a family member or stranger assisting them in bathing. This is when the transition from traditional bathing to a walk in bathtub is a great solution. It allows for dignity to be maintained, positive health to be promoted, and independence to be achieved.

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