Upgrade Your Bathtub with an Ella Exclusive Microbubble Therapy Kit

Transfer30 Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Bathtub – 30″w X 52″l (76cm X 132cm)

Chicago, IL-based OEM manufacturer of acrylic walk-in bathtubs Ella’s Bubbles is pleased to provide discerning, health-conscious homeowners with the opportunity to upgrade their bathtub with the cutting-edge Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy universal installation kit, available exclusively through Ella’s Bubbles.

Offering a personal spa experience, the Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy kit incorporates a US patented film device that immediately increases the oxygen saturation in the bathtub up to a whopping 70% more than regular tap water. Upon installation of this therapeutic kit, the homeowners’ bathtub will be teeming with billions of tiny (10-50 micron), oxygen-rich bubbles that instantly penetrate the epidermis to provide fast yet long-lasting therapeutic benefits.

Upgrade Your Bathtub With An Ella Exclusive Microbubble Therapy KitThe breakthrough Microbubble Therapy technology has been shown to relieve muscle pain and soreness, improve the skin’s moisture, elasticity, softness and tone, remove impurities and dead skin cells, flush out toxins, neutralize free radicals, and boost collagen production. As opposed to regular baths that cool down after some time, Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy bathers to enjoy deeply relaxing, therapeutic baths, thanks to the technology’s increasingly warming effects.

An upgraded bathtub that integrates an Infusion microbubble therapeutic kit is a sensational choice for any homeowner who wants to harness the powerful sterilization effects provided by this innovative and exclusive technology. Microbubble Therapy is clinically proven to kill two dangerous yet common bacteria, Aeruginosa and Legionella within as little as 10 minutes. In addition, it optimally prepares the body for a good night’s sleep by maintaining the warming and other beneficial effects for a lot longer than regular baths. The feeling of deep relaxation also has psychological effects, promoting a balanced mood, serenity and a sense of well-being, relieving stress and improving sleep quality.

Upgrade Your Bathtub With An Ella Exclusive Microbubble Therapy Kit

Homeowners who choose to upgrade their bathtub with Ella’s Bubbles exclusive Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy Kit will be able to harness the positive effects of relaxing and soothing in-home spa experience at their convenience. Bathers will be able to reap an impressive array of therapeutic benefits at the touch of a button. Once properly installed, anyone can easily activate the Microbubble Therapy, simply by pressing a button, to immerse in a sea of oxygen-rich, multi-beneficial bubbles for the physical, mental and emotional health.

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