5 Piece Fast Fill Faucet | Ella's Bubbles Walk-In Tubs: Accessories

5 Piece Fast Fill Faucet for Walk-In Tubs


The sleekly designed 5-Piece fast-fill faucet has five (5) pieces: two temperature levers, a diverter lever, a mounted faucet and a pull out multi-functional hand shower. To control the temperature of the water, use the hot or cold lever. The third lever can divert the water between the mounted faucet and hand shower. The 5-Piece faucet has a fill rate of 18 GPM (gallons per minute), based on plumbing conditions.

NOTE: The hand shower is not designed to be attached to the wall. By doing so, the water could leak and cause damages. If you would like to attach the hand shower to the wall, please use a Hand Shower Extension Kit. Click here to learn more.


  • Chrome finish for long lasting use and resistance to corrosion
  • Flexible 5’ stainless-steel hose for your convenience
  • 3 water flow settings for hand shower mixer
  • Ergonomically designed pull-out hand mixer for easier handling
  • Two (2) ¾’ in. braided stainless-steel supply lines included (5 ft long)
  • Easy turn levers for diverter and hot/cold levers
  • Sleek design large full body brass spout in chrome finish
  • Up to 18GPM flow rate based on in-home plumbing conditions