About Ella’s Bubbles

Now Available in United States

Ella’s Bubbles is the leading company in the design and development of walk-in acrylic bathtubs. This tub features an airtight seat and door that allows the user to enter the tub through a low threshold that increases safety when entering and exiting the tub.. These tubs have a molded seat, allowing the user to take a bath safely while seated. Once the door is closed, the tub can be filled with water. When i finish bathing, the water must be drained before opening the door and exiting.

The bathtubs with an acrylic seat and door from the brand “Ella’s” are the favorite among the elderly, people with mobility problems and athletes recovering from injuries. Our products are made in Chicago, one of the largest cities in the United States, Ella’s brand supplies exclusively in the North American market since the year 2005. As the elderly and disabled population continually increases, the demand for our high security bathroom products has increased around the world. At a time when COVID-19 has spread rampant in nursing homes and retirees, Older people with naturally weaker immune systems are looking for alternatives to stay at home. To facilitate this growing demand and create an alternative solution, Ella’s Bubbles now offers her products worldwide. Come and experience the change that users were waiting for!