Walk In Tub Therapies & Features

Indulge in the exclusive features that only Ella’s Bubbles luxurious walk-in tubs can offer. Simply click on each feature below to discover more about our premium products.

Soaking – No Jets

Capri Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk-in Bathtub – 30″w X 52″l (76cm X 132cm)

For anyone looking for a simple bathing experience to soak away the stress, a soaking tub is an excellent choice. Taking a warm bath may calm nerves, clear sinuses, and reduce inflammation in muscles and joints. Try adding bath salts to ease arthritis and heighten your relaxing experience.

How To Choose A Walk-in Tub Brand – Best Choice

These jets pull in air and blow it into the water to create a gentle, relaxing massage. The air massage system also includes a 3-speed variable push control, targets air jets to enhance your massage and an auto-purge to maintain an air system free of any build ups.

Therapeutic Hydro Massage

Ella’s Walk-in Tubs have strategically placed hydro jets to create a rejuvenating hydrotherapy massage. These hydro jets can help reduce arthritis, muscle or joint pain. The hydro system includes an in-line water heater to maintain the temperature of the water, ozone sterilization, and an intensity control dial to regulate the water pressure.

Elite Walk-in Tub – 30″ X 52″ (76cm X 132cm)

Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy is a process of infusing pressurized water with billions of micro sized, oxygen rich bubbles. At the push of an on/off button, this feature can provide a moisturizing, exfoliating therapeutic experience all while detoxifying and relieving skin related issues.

Capri Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk-in Bathtub – 30″w X 52″l (76cm X 132cm)

In minutes, enjoy an independent hydro foot and calf massage with 6 strategically placed jets by simply filling the footwell of the bathtub.

4 Ways A Walk-in Tub Helps Rejuvenate Mental And Physical Well-being In Seniors

Available on all Ella walk-in tubs, the Heated Backrest & Seat system helps keep you comfortable and warm while your tub fills. The heated backrest and seat is activated in minutes, keeping users cozy and relaxed from the moment they enter the tub.

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LED Chromatherapy features multicolor LED lights, creating a relaxing and harmonious experience at the push of a button. It is believed that individual wavelengths of light have different healing properties.

Ozone Sterilization Technology Walk In Tubs

Ozone is a proven water disinfectant. It can eliminate a wide variety of inorganic, organic, microbiological bacteria, and odor. It is the most eco-friendly, chemical-free, and green technology for disinfectants.


Fill the air with calming scents and clear your mind with Aromatherapy. With a push of a button, our Aromatherapy system will add a little drop of essential oil into the tub full of water. With Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy combined, you’ll surely feel rejuvenated! 

Auto Purge – Self Cleaning For Walk-in Bathtubs

Ella’s Air Jet System includes an Auto Purge System. It automatically activates shortly after completing your bath in order to blow out any excess water and bacteria from the hoses. The Auto Purge System prevents your walk-in bathtub from getting moldy or clogged.