How to Choose a Walk-In Tub Brand – Best Choice

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The walk-in tub industry has evolved into a competitive web of ads and promotions, and it can be a daunting process to choose a walk-in tub brand that best fits you or your loved one. Several key factors are consistent throughout, and that should be observed very closely when making your final decision on how to choose a walk-in tub brand. Most folks will need to address safety, accessibility, muscle and joint soreness, personal hygiene, and aesthetics. Build or choose your walk-in tub based on your needs and wants!

This article is to help put your Walk-In Tub search into an honest perspective, providing relief to those struggling on how to choose a walk-in tub brand while choosing the best walk-tub money can buy. If you wish to dive even deeper beyond this article, our experts have also constructed a “How to Choose a Walk-In Tub” page that highlights the most crucial considerations while searching for the best walk-in tub brand of 2022! Below are just a few highlights that we recommend keeping in mind when choosing a walk-in tub brand.
So, if you are wondering how to choose a walk-in tub brand, think about what is most important to you. Safety and accessibility will factor in step-in height, door type, door swing, and safety integrations with your walk-in tub. Inward and outward swing walk-in tub doors offer varying levels of accessibility. Inward swing doors will be comfortable for most bathers and will fit all bathrooms. Outward swing door walk-in tubs offer increased accessibility while you are in the tub, as they do not need to swing past your legs when you operate them. Transfer, or wheelchair accessible, style walk-in tubs have the largest doors. They are easily accessible for all bathers but require more space in the bathroom to swing the extra-wide 36″ L-shaped outward swinging door. Built-in grab bars strategically placed in the walk-in tub will offer safety and increase your confidence during use. It is important to choose a walk-in tub brand that not only fits your needs, but also provides you with a walk-in tub that properly fits in your bathroom space or layout.
How To Choose A Walk-in Tub Brand – Best Choice

There are several walk-in tub brands that can do a fantastic job of providing you with therapeutic pain relief. The most popular jetting choice amongst customers is the hydro massage option. The Hydro massage system includes: a hydro pump with an in-line water heater, an eco-friendly ozone sterilization system, a hydro massage intensity control dial, and a strategically positioned hydro jet system for targeted and effective massaging. The in-line water heater is designed to maintain the water temperature at a constant level while bathing for maximum comfort. The ozone sterilization system is the most eco-friendly, chemical free disinfectant that can eliminate a wide variety of inorganic, organic, and microbiological bacteria. This sterilization system is especially helpful in eliminating odors and hygienic maintenance. Lastly, the hydro massage intensity control dial allows you to adjust the strength of the water stream by adding more or less air into the hydro system.

In addition, your walk-in tub can facilitate and assist you with personal hygiene. A multi-speed air jet massage system is a great choice for any walk-in tub brand. The air system can power a variety of jets throughout the walk-in tub, including bidet jets. Air jetting systems are primarily used to put motion in the water and aid in removing oils, dead skin cells, and debris.

If you have skin irritations, eczema, dry skin, or other chronic skin issues, a micro-bubble system would do the trick! Infusion Microbubble therapy will aid in deep cleaning of the skin, and it will compliment your daily moisturizing and topical routines. This can be of increased importance to folks who are sensitive to infection or have frequent open wounds or sores. This is a very exclusive feature that cannot be found with every walk-in tub brand!

If you think you have chosen the best walk-in tub brand out there, here are some things to consider when choosing walk-in tub accessories. Optional features that stand out and provide a considerable amount of residual value when choosing walk-in tub brands are glass shower screens and oversized shower columns. Bathing in a walk-in tub is not like your standard bathtub or shower unit. This 4-Fold Shower Screen is a one-of-a-kind product and the best choice in the industry for walk-in tubs. Unlike shower curtains that may stick to the walls of the tub or a solid glass shower panel that may make bathers feel claustrophobic, the unique foldable feature of the screen can easily be pushed aside to give bathers an airy, open feeling. The lightweight glass, secured in an aluminum frame with quality gear hinges, is sturdy enough to endure rigorous daily use. Additionally, one of the 4-fold sections can be removed to create a 3-fold shower screen for larger walk-in tub models.

What makes this Shower Column Kit superior to other walk-in tub shower kits is the uniquely oversized 10″ rain shower. In order to create an extended overhead shower, the column kit connects to a diverter on a 2 Piece or 5 Piece deck mounted faucet. The stainless steel, chrome finish column can be effortlessly adjusted up to 7 feet tall. Along the column is a vertically movable, 5 mode multi-functional hand shower. Attached to the top is an oversize rain shower that can be directed with ease to the seat for a seated shower or footwell for a stand-up shower. This shower column kit replaces the need for a wall-mounted showerhead in your chosen walk-in tub.

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Safety and therapeutic massage therapy are your absolute priorities, but aesthetics should be considered as well when choosing a walk-in tub. Each walk-in tub brand is not created equally, and no two tubs look alike. We invite you to take a look at our Inward Swing Door Walk-In Tubs, Outward Swing Door Walk-In Tubs, Two Seat Walk-In Tubs, Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tubs, and lastly our Lay Down Acrylic Walk-In Tubs.

Browse several models and select a few that stand out to you—from there, beginning focusing on how to choose a walk-in tub model with the safety, therapy, aesthetics, and optional features that will provide you with the most value. If you can stay focused on what this walk-in tub will do to add long-term value to your life, you will be delighted!

So now that you know how to choose a walk-in tub brand that best fits you and your needs, please do not hesitate to give us a call or reach an agent directly. If you would like to see any of our Walk-In Tub models in production from our Chicago, IL Warehouse – you can Schedule a Live Video Chat Demonstration. We look forward to welcoming you to truly remarkable, custom designed Walk-In Tubs.

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