A Heart-felt Testimonial

Dear Lance,

I cannot thank you enough for making the “Ella” walk-in bathtub affordable to me.

My sole purpose in looking to purchase one was so I could give myself a bath rather than have Rita, my life partner of 37 years get in the shower with me to clean me. A cold reward for such a kind act.

Therefore, so you will remember, a short synopsis of the diseases from which I suffer. Since the age of 5 years, I suffered from leg cramping pain. My mother kept taking me to doctors with no diagnosis. I was active in sports my whole life. As mentioned my leg pain began when I was 5 years old, I have suffered with leg pain ever since. In 1998, the fifth neurologist I visited gave me a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The first four told me that it was all in my head. I am on my sixth neurologist now!

I was also told that I am on the borderline of having rheumatoid arthritis. I do have fibromyalgia, chronic debilitating arthritis with articulation of bone on bone. I also have scoliosis so badly that I was in severe pain after my laminectomy. After several falls, I fell one more time and broke my lumbar.

On August 5 & 7 of 2013, I underwent major surgery to correct the scoliosis in my spine. The first surgery on the fifth was to prepare my spine by building it back up using cadaver bone mixed with my stem cells. The second surgery was 8 ½ hours and I almost lost my life but that is another story. I have titanium rods that go from T9 to my sacrum. Six months later, I fell and broke my sacrum. By this synopsis, I am sure one would agree I am qualified to know pain.

Your personal testimony regarding using hydrotherapy to conquer pain was hard for me to believe. To learn that you were able to function without pain medication, actually to be able to get off the pain medication completely made me very skeptical.

After my second bathtub experience, my partner, Rita talked me into relaxing by turning the jets on. Having not been a “spa girl” I never thought that sitting in a hot tub would be relaxing.

My pain was much better after sitting in the tub with the jets going. This water movement really helped my circulation in my legs, ankles and feet. I have been using the hydrotherapy since April, that’s 5 months now, so I know this is no farce.

I can only give you my sincerest thanks from the bottom of my heart. Mr. Ferris, because of you and Leisure Life my pain is more under control than it has been since I was 5 years old. As for my medication, I have been trying to reduce the dosage of the Neurontin for the last 10 years. Out of a maximum dosage of 3600 mg per day, I was taking 3400 mg per day. I have been able to reduce to 2900 mg per day. A 500 mg reduction in 4 months! I also have cut the Baclofen in half, a muscle relaxer that is hard to quit! I have only taken morphine 2 times in 5 months, which is extraordinary for me. I plan to start reducing the Methadone, which I take 20 mg every 8 hours.

Another reason that I am so grateful to you is that the first night after my bath, I slept 16 hours! I have not slept over 2 hours every night since 2001.

I cannot thank you and Leisure Life Walk-in Tubs enough for the change you have brought to my life.

Gratefully yours.

Pamela G.
Fullterton, California

If you are in California and looking for a Walk In Bathtub feel free to reach out to Leisure Life Walk In Tubs directly at (844) 925-5461 or find them on the web at: Leisure Life Walk In Tubs

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