Zen – Acrylic Outward Swing Walk In Bathtub

The Ella Zen is a common sized outward swing walk in bathtub with exclusive design for our dealers. It’s the perfect size for the average body type and has the option of premium package or economy package. It offers a new and unique style that provides a beautiful aesthetic.

29.5″W x 52″L x 43″H

Jetting Options:

Economy Package (Hydro Massage) – 13 Hydro Jets
Economy Plus Package (Hydro Massage with heated Seat) – 13 Hydro Jets
Premium Package (Dual Massage)  – 16 Air Jets & 13 Hydro Jets
Premium Plus Package (Dual Massage with Heated Seat) – 16 Air Jets & 13 Hydro Jets

Faucet Upgrades:
HB9937P – 5 Piece Fast Fill Roman Faucet Set
E8209C – 5 Piece Traditional Roman Faucet Set

Recommended Accessories:
Seat Pillow/Cushion


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The Ella Zen is a dealer exclusive outward swing walk in bathtub. Featuring a new, fresh design! It is the perfect size for the average body type and offers a new and unique style that provides a beautiful aesthetic. Some of the features include air massage auto purge, back-flow valve air jets, variable speed pump with heater, in-line water heater for hydro pump, customizable control software, adjustable LED light control, ozone sterilization, digital or raised push control option, heated seat, backrest and more. This is a calming bathing experience that offers many added benefits. The Ella Zen also comes with a textured slip resistant floor, an outward swing door with a low step threshold for easy access, an ANTI-Scald thermostatic control valve, and 2 in. dual drain for fast and reliable drainage. Ella acrylic baths are built to last, with a high gloss acrylic shell which is easy to clean, scratch resistant and impermeable to mold and bacteria. The shell is fiberglass reinforced and supported with a rugged stainless-steel frame and multiple leveling legs. By utilizing the interchangeable side access panel and extension panel, your Ella Walk-In Bathtub can be easily installed into a corner or alcove setting. Designer chrome fixtures and user-friendly controls put the finishing touch on this relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience.

Size: 29.5 in. wide x 42.25 in. tall x 52 in. long

  • 17 in. tall ADA compliant standard size seat
  • Infusion microbubble therapy – helps moisturize, soften, restore and exfoliate your skin
  • 13 therapeutic hydro massage jets with adjustable intensity control
  • 7 Amp pump and in-line water heater
  • ON/OFF push control and ozone sterilization
  • Low threshold 4 in. step and textured slip resistant floor
  • Includes interchangeable side access panel and extension panel to fill 60 in. alcove
  • ADA compliant wall mounted stainless steel safety grab bar in chrome finish
  • 1 individually controlled 2 in. drain with easy to turn lever and emergency pull up chain
  • Easy to clean high gloss, white, non-porous acrylic shell
  • PC and tempered glass outward swing door with door seal and ANTI-leak 3 latch system
  • 5-piece thermostatic control valve faucet with pull out hand shower and 2 diverters in chrome
  • Temperature regulated spout with anti-scald technology to maintain 100.4° temperature
  • Stainless steel frame with adjustable leveling legs
  • Includes 1 overflow, 2 5 ft. incoming supply lines and 1-drain elbow
  • Limited lifetime warranty on door, frame and shell and 5-year parts warranty
  • Technical and customer support 800-480-6850
  • Left outward swing door faucet left drain

     For specifications click the “Downloads” tab below.

Model # Jetting Drain/Door Heated Seat Faucet Option Control
OA3052H-L OA3052H-R Hydro 2” dual drain No TCV Push Control
OA3052D-L OA3052D-R Dual 2” dual drain No TCV Digital Control
OA3052HM-L OA3052HM-R Hydro + Micro 2” dual drain No TCV Push Control
OA3052-L OA3052-R Soaking 2” dual drain No TCV n/a
OA3052M-L OA3052M-R Micro 2” dual drain No TCV Push Control
OA3052AM-L OA3052AM-R Air + Micro 2” dual drain No TCV Push Control
OA3052A-L OA3052A-R Air 2” dual drain No TCV Push Control
OA3052HH-L OA3052HH-R Hydro + Heat 2” dual drain Yes TCV Push Control
OA3052DH-L OA3052DH-R Dual + Heat 2” dual drain Yes TCV Digital Control
OA3052HMH-L OA3052HMH-R Hydro + Micro + Heat 2” dual drain Yes TCV Push Control
OA3052H-L OA3052H-R Soaking + Heat 2” dual drain Yes TCV n/a
OA3052MH-L OA3052MH-R Micro + Heat 2” dual drain Yes TCV Push Control
OA3052AMH-L OA3052AMH-R Air + Micro + Heat 2” dual drain Yes TCV Push Control
OA3052AH-L OA3052AH-R Air + Heat 2” dual drain Yes TCV Push Control

Model Number Legend
-L: Left, -R: Right, -DC: Digital Control, -PC: Push Control, D: Dual Massage, H: Heated Seat, F: Huntington Brass Faucet


Hydro Massage Jetting

The Malibu has 13 strategically placed hydro jets to increase your relaxation. Hydro massage jetting is similar to a more traditional whirlpool tub in functionality and effect. The jets suck in water from the walk in bathtub and then blow it back into the water through the strategically placed jets. The intensity air flow regulator allows the user to control the strength at which the water exits the jets. This makes it easier to get the perfect massage that caters to your body’s needs.

Hydro Jets

Air Jets
Air Massage Jetting

The Malibu has 16 strategically placed air jets to give you a gentle massage. Unlike the hydro jetting, air jets takes in air and then blows it out of the strategically placed jets. Since it is only air blowing out, the pressure is less intense than the hydro jets. This allows for a much gentler massage that can be perfect more sensitive joints and muscles. We also offer variable speeds for the air massage jets. Just hit the air button again to increase the speed and pressure up to 3 times. The extra pressure can be a happy medium between gentle massage and an intense one.

Ozone Sterilization

When you run the hydro jets ozone sterilization will turn on automatically. Ozone sterilization is the process of sterilizing all of the jets and hoses to prevent mold and mildew. It won’t replace cleaning your walk in tub completely, but it does go a long way in disinfecting hard to reach areas.

Ozone Sterilization

Outward Swing Door
3 Latch Outward Swing Door

Our outward swing door walk in bathtubs have 3 latches that make the doors extra secure. The doors are made of high impact resistant material (PC Plastic) that is excellent for withstanding the immense water pressure. Additionally, the 3 latches keep the door from warping and it keeps the door firmly in place so there are no worries about leaking or door malfunctions.

LED Chromatherapy

LED chromatherapy is activated by a simple push of the button. Watch the LED light cycle through the spectrum of color to add an extra dimension to your bathing experience. Or press the button again to pause it on your favorite color. Chromatherapy is another way to increase your relaxation during a bath.



Just add your favorite scent to the water and you will be whisked away. Just untwist the cap to the aromatherapy section and add your favorite scent. Twist the cap back on and let the aromatherapy take effect. Adding your favorite aroma can go a long way in relieving your stresses of the day.

Ella Original Brand Faucet Set

Our walk in bathtubs come with the option of the Ella Original Brand Faucet Set. This set includes a designer spout, two diverters with ADA compliant extension handles, a thermostatic control valve, and a pull out hand held shower mixer with 5′ retractable stainless steel hose. It comes in a sleek chrome finish that adds a nice aesthetic to your walk in bathtub. The included thermostatic control valve is an anti-scald feature that prevents the water from shifting to unsafe temperatures.

Ella Original Faucet

Huntington Brass Faucet
Huntington Brass Roman Fast Fill Faucet

Another faucet option you can choose is the Huntington Brass Roman Fast Fill Faucet. The Huntington Brass Faucet comes with a designer spout, a pul out hand shower mixer, a spout and hand shower diverter, and a hot and cold diverter. The faucet has an 18gpm average fill time which is important when it comes to walk in bathtubs as the bather needs to wait for the walk in tub to fill whilst inside. The Huntington Brass Faucet is a great alternative to the Ella Original Brand Faucet Set.

Heated Seat

Another optional feature we offer is the heated seat. Our advanced radiant heaters provide soothing comfort directly to the surface of the walk in bathtub which allow for a heated seat and backrest. With its warm touch, our heated seats deliver the ultimate in comfort, relaxation, and health benefits.

Heated Seat