Ella Textured Acrylic Outward Swing Walk In Bathtubs

Ella White Label Acrylic Walk In Tubs

The Ella Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs are made of a textured acrylic shell and feature a unique aluminum outward swinging door for greater accessibility. There are two types of outward swing door walk in bath tubs: easy step in and wheelchair accessible or wheelchair transfer walk in bathtubs. The wheelchair accessible walk in bathtubs are the perfect solution for wheelchair users or persons with low mobility by allowing the bather to sit down and slide in. The door shape is designed to swing over an existing toilet for maximum ability to open. All 17 inch seat heights are ADA compliant, along with mounted grab bars and reachable handles. Go to product pages to see available jetting options: Air Massage, Hydrotherapy Massage or Dual Massage (the combination of Air and Hydro) or Soaking (no jets). The Tramo 59 model does not come in a dual massage option, however it is available in a unique Nano micro bubble air jet system. The Tramo 59 unique frame design allows for patient lift access. Visit the product pages for more detailed questions or call our customer support.

Tramo Walk In Bathtub

Tramo 59
32″ x 59″ x 33″

When a customer wants an outward swing tub in which they can stretch out, the Tramo 59 is the best choice. Spanish for “stretch”, this full sized, seatless tub measures 32” x 59” x 33”, which gives a bather the option of resting with their legs straight out. An outward swing side door and a pillow headrest are also included, making this a great wheelchair access walk in bathtub.

26″ x 51″ x 38″

A luxurious soak in an Ella walk in tub is seen by many as a private staycation. This is the inspiration for the Oasis, a secluded, relaxing experience that is only as far away as your bathtub. At 26”, this is our slimmest outward swing acrylic walk in tub, ensuring a right sized experience for for your daytrip.

Oasis Outward Swing Walk In Bathtub