We Have a New Design

Our New Dealer Exclusive

The Ella Zen

Front view of the new malibu walk in tub design

We have some big news! In just 30-45 days the Ella Zen, a new dealer exclusive walk-in bathtub, arrives! Featuring a new, fresh design and three package options this dealer exclusive tub is sure to be a great success with your customers.

Angled view of new design malibu walk in tub

The newly designed Zen will replace the Malibu as our dealer exclusive product. This walk-in tub model will only be available through our dealer network – and, not found on online retail channels.

More Products To Look Forward To

Ella’s Bubbles is launching the new acrylic outward swing door walk in bathtub line! The new walk-in baths will feature UL certified NuWhirl dual massage system. Some of the features include: air massage auto purge, back-flow valve air jets, variable speed pump with heater, in-line water heater for hydro pump, customizable control software, adjustable LED light control, ozone sterilization, digital or raised push control option, heated seat and more.

For more information about these new walk-in bathtubs please email us at [email protected] or call us at 800-480-6850.


OA2643 26” x 43”

Features: Outward Swing Door.

Description:  The Tiny Outward Swing Walk In Bathtub is a narrow and short tub that is good for anybody who has a smaller space to work with. It can easily fit down hallways and doors. With the outward swing door it makes for simple entry.

Certifications:  UL Listed, ASME/ANSI, CSA STD, UL STD

Specifications: 26” x 43” Tiny Outward Swing Walk In Bathtub PDF Icon

Front Access

OAF2639 26” x 39”

Features: Outward Swing Door.

Description:  The Front Access is one of our smallest walk in bathtubs. It is the perfect pick for people who have smaller bathrooms or narrow hallways. It has a front entry door unlike our typical side entry walk in bathtubs.

Certifications: UL Listed, ASME/ANSI, CSA STD, UL STD

Specifications: 26” x 39” Tiny Front Outward Swing Walk In Bathtub PDF Icon

Transfer Walk-In Tub

OLA3052 29”x52”

Features: Outward Swing Door.

Description:  The Ella Transfer Tub is a common sized outward swing walk in bathtub that has an ‘L’ shaped door as opposed tot he traditional ‘U’ shaped door. The door shape allows for an easy transfer from wheelchair to bathtub seat. The ‘L’ shaped door also easily bypasses the toilet, if there is one nearby, when it opens.

Certifications: UL Listed, ASME/ANSI, CSA STD, UL STD

Specifications: 29”x52” Transfer Tub Outward Swing Walk In Bathtub PDF Icon