View our Production Facility – Live!

Chicago, Illinois – United States

Method #1 [Not Preferred – Simple/Buggy]

Step 1: Use Internet Explorer 8 or Download the Following Chrome Extension: Click Here

Step 2: Use IE8 or Easy Viewer to visit:

Step 3: Log in with the following credentials

Username: guest
Password: ellaguest00

Method #2 [Preferred – Advanced]

Step 1: Download the Lorex Cloud Application on your device

Macbook/iPhone: Click Here
Windows: Click Here
Android: Click Here

Step 2: Use this Application to “Add a New Device” and use the following credentials:

Device Name/Name: (This can be anything)
Method to Add/Register Mode: Device ID
Device ID: LNV9DA18CE46
Username: guest
Password: ellaguest00
All other settings can be left as default

Step 3: Click Connect/Add and Proceed to the Live View.


You now have live access to our 4 Work Station Cameras. Here you can watch the manufacturing and testing of our Walk In Tubs live from our Production Facility