Awards for the best walk in tubs in the USA!

Ella’s Bubbles delivers quality engineering in style with the Inward Swing Door Walk In Tubs. Each Ella walk in tub is made with a high-quality gloss finish acrylic shell along with a custom-made brushed stainless steel and tempered glass door to complement any home.

For bathers who require maximum accessibility, an outward swing door acrylic walk-in tub is the perfect choice. With options like standard dimension Malibu acrylic walk in tub or front entry arcylic walk in tub, we offer a variety of models to suit your space.

Ella’s Bubbles offer several acrylic walk in tubs that have two seats so couples can enjoy a relaxing bath together. All of our two seat acrylic walk in tubs come with a center door for convenient access and dual drain for fast and reliable drainage and exit.
Ella wheelchair accessible acrylic walk in tubs are made with a high-quality gloss finish acrylic shell along with a frame-less L-Shaped door for easy access, to those needing extra space to get in and out of your walk in tub.

Why Choose Ella Brand Walk-In Bathtubs?

Ella’s Bubbles offers a wide variety of high-quality Acrylic walk in bathtubs with over 900 SKU’s and 20+ models. Ranging from various shapes, styles and sizes, you can customize your packaging and jetting options as well, giving you the perfect tub to fit your criteria. Ella’s walk-in tubs and accessories are created using the highest standard of craftsmanship.


Acrylic VS Gelcoat. Ella Brand acrylic tubs are formed from a solid sheet of material providing you with a consistent and quality product every time. They have a brilliant nonporous finish that is impermeable to mold and mildew, long lasting, and easy to maintain.  Acrylics non-porous surface ensures that mold and mildew cannot seep into the material and build up over time causing several issues. Whereas get coat tubs are created using several layers of gel coat which causes a rougher porous surface that is susceptible to mold and mildew. Our acrylic tubs are reinforced with fiberglass and are supported by a rustproof solid stainless steel frame with adjustable leveling legs, giving you a safe, sturdy, and long-lasting walk-in bathtub.

Gravity Driven 2” Dual Drain Technology vs single electrical 1 ½” drains by competitors. Ella Brand Walk-In Tubs feature unique Dual Drain Technology (DDT) which consists of two (2) independently operated 2” gravity driven drains. Each drain is outfitted with its own overflow and stainless-steel cable operated drain opener with extended handle for an easier grip. Typical drainage time is approximately +/-80 seconds at ideal in-home plumbing conditions. Having two gravity driven 2” drains not only provides you with quick and reliable drainage, but also acts as a safety feature in case if one drain fails, allowing you to safely drain and exit the walk-in tub. The two-inch drains can be connected using Tee or Y 2” pipe connectors to the standard 1 ½” or 2” house drain. If possible, it is recommended to connect into 2” or 3” house drain for a faster drainage time. Ella gravity driven Dual Drain drains are fast and reliable because they do not require electric pump. Whereas electrical driven drains may fail due to electrical shorts or power outages.

Unique exclusive designs for maximum interior space, comfort, and seat width. Ella Walk In Tubs range from a wide variety of sizes and styles all while keeping in mind the bathers comfort. Our designs provide more space than our competition and wider seats for your comfort.

Autopurge on all air massage systems. Autopurge helps to keep your walk-in bathtub air system clean and free of debris, mold and mildew. Once you’re done bathing, the autopurge system automatically engages to expel any debris and moisture that may have made its way into the lines. 

Ozone Sterilization. Ozone is a proven water disinfectant. It can eliminate a wide variety of inorganic, organic, microbiological bacteria, and odor. It is the most eco-friendly, chemical-free, and green technology there is. You no longer need to worry about bacteria building up in your tub. With a push of a button, you can easily turn on the ozone sterilization and take a nice, relaxing, and clean bath.

Since Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidative, it is widely known and used as a sanitizing agent in de-polluting municipal water systems in Europe and the United States for over 100 years. It is for that reason that we include an Ozone Sterilization system in our tubs. Using a process called “cellular lyses,” the ozone eliminates mold and bacteria from the bathwater and also prevents mildew and odor from accumulating. This is especially useful when the tub is regularly used by more than one person. Not only does the ozone protect the tub’s surface from contaminates, but it also gets into the jetting lines and prevents harmful agents from forming there.

Select models offer independent foot massage, enjoy a foot massage without having to fully bathe. Our Ultimate and Big4Two offer an exclusive independent foot massage system. The days of needs to fill the entire bath tub just for a foot massage are long gone. With these unique systems, one just needs to fill the lower portion of the tubs to enjoy a foot massage!

Strategically placed jetting to maximize therapeutic effects. Here at Ella’s Bubbles we pride ourselves on properly placed jetting to ensure maximum therapeutic relief. Our jetting systems are designed with one thing in mind: you. Hydro systems are made to target area’s our competitors typically don’t pay attention too, such as your thighs and hips, as well as angled foot jets so that you can sit in a relaxed position and not have to hold your foot up to a jet on a flat wall. Air jet systems are typically positioned in a similar fashion making sure to get that gentle massage to your hips, thighs, and lower back.

Wide variety of optional equipment, fixtures, and accessories. From heated seats and backrests, walk-in bathtub headrest, antiscald faucets, fast fill faucets, seat risers and seat cushions, to our unique 4-fold bath screen and everything in between, Ella’s Bubbles offers an incredible amount of options so that you can customize your tub to be ideal for you.

Unique designs and fixtures. There are some features that only Ella Brand Walk-In Tubs offer. These include the Removable Stainless Steel Door with Tempered Glass on our inward swing tub line, the Patented 360° Swivel Tray, the Thermostatic Control Valve, and Dual Drain Technology. The Removable Stainless-Steel Door with Tempered Glass is a sleek, modern door that can be detached from the walk-in bathtub. This allows you to be able to clean hard to reach places much more easily. The Patented 360° Swivel Tray is a tray that can easily be rotated so as to not make it difficult to enter of exit the walk in bathtub. It can hold your bathroom essentials such as a nice glass of wine or a good book and it doesn’t get in your way thanks to its rotating capabilities. The 360° Swivel Tray is available on the Elite, Petite, Royal, and Ultimate models. Ella Brand Walk In Bathtubs stand out from the competition because we add such unique features.

Easy installation.

Hassle free ordering process. No nonsense ordering process. Our customer service reps will answer any questions you may have and assist you in selecting the right tub with the right equipment based on your needs.

Jetted, assembled, and tested in Chicago, IL using NuWhirl UL certified parts, a California Company.  Ella Walk-In Tubs are jetted and assembled here in Chicago. Every tub is thoroughly tested in our facility before being shipped out. We test everything from fixtures to the installation of the tub. Tubs are filled and tested for leaks, drains are tested, everything is tested and inspected from head to toe before we ship anything to our customers.

Next day shipping on standard package tubs, 48 hour shipping on majority custom orders

Excellent customer service and technical support

A+ BBB Accredited Business 

Shower Wall Liner: Walk In Tubs Accessories
Walk In Tub Shower Enclosure

The brand new Ella four-fold shower enclosure is the most convenient alternative to regular shower curtains specifically designed and sized to fit on walk-in bathtubs. This Euro-style semi-frameless 4-fold shower screen gives an airy open feeling with the option to push the screen aside quickly and easily.

Shower Enlosure For Walk In Tub
4-fold 3mm 44x42 Tempered Glass Walk-In Tub Screen
  • Tempered clear glass, ionized aluminum frame in chrome finish,  
  • Durable PVC geared hinges,  
  • Rubber gasket angled inward for water retention and bottom seal 
  • Reversible left or right installation option of the door 
  • Perfect for walk-in bathtubs in alcove or corner installation options 
  • Rustproof polished ionized aluminum frame in chrome finish