Pourquoi utilisons-nous une vanne de régulation thermostatique : Sécurité

Ensemble de 5 robinets à soupape de commande thermostatique à montage sur pont pour baignoires à porte

Here at Ella’s Bubbles safety is very important to us! Which is why we are proud to offer our customers a deck mounted Vanne de régulation thermostatique (TCV). We offer our TCV on most of our Acrylic Walk In Bathtub line including the ElitePETITERoyal, Deluxe & Un compagnon. Read below on how our TCV adds increased safety to our acrylic walk in bathtubs.

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Have you ever been in the shower when someone flushes the toilet and the water gets extremely hot, making you jump out of the way and hug the shower wall? Luckily you’re in a shower and can step out of the way of the scalding water, in a walk in bathtub it’s a completely different story. You do not have the option of exiting the bathtub, so a bather can face great danger by not being able to get out of the way.

A Thermostatic Control Valve eliminates the risk of water temperature fluctuation by regulating the temperature of water before it exits your faucet. If there is a fluctuation in the amount of cold water flow, the TCV limits the amount of warm water flow, resulting in a balance of water temperatures and preventing scalding. The same goes for fluctuation in warm water flow. If the amount of warm water flow decreases, then the TCV limits the amount of cold water flow, resulting in a balance of water temperatures and preventing thermal shock. We offer the Thermostatic Control Valve as a safety precaution on most of our Ella Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs so that bathers can rest assured knowing that there will never be a spike in temperature coming out of the faucet, thus eliminating scalding and thermal shock.

There are many advantages to using a TCV in your Ella Walk In Tub and safety comes first. Some plumbers and contractors recommend that home owners and installers reduce the temperature of water heaters to prevent scalding and save energy. This is a bad recommendation to give. Water needs to be stored above 140 degrees Fahrenheit otherwise Legionella bacteria is susceptible to grow. This is the advantage of the TCV, it allows you to maintain that 140-degree water temperature in your water heater and provides consistent water temperature at the faucet of your bathtub without having to worry about a spike in hot temperature.

As you can see, Ella’s Bubbles is committed to making your bathing experience a safe and comfortable one by recognizing potential risks and developing solutions for them.

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