Beneficios de la hidroterapia




Taking a warm bath can do so much more than maintain a hygienic lifestyle. Running a warm bath can ease your tension and relieve many other minor medical ailments. This process is called hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is the process submerging your body in water to treat medical afflictions. It has been used for countless generations by many different cultures as alternative or home remedies. Hydrotherapy has many positive effects on the body. These effects can include but are not limited to; relieving arthritis, increasing circulation, decreasing muscle and joint pain, relieving headaches, reducing insomnia, and much more. It is clear bathing can be so much more than just getting clean. This is why Ella’s Walk In Bathtubs are an excellent investment.

One such ailment that taking a bath can reduce is arthritis and muscle or joint pain. Relaxing in a warm bath can give you a feeling of weightlessness. The buoyancy of water reduces the pressure of gravity on your body which in turn reduces the pressure applied to your joints. Taking regular warm baths can help to make you feel less stiff and more limber in no time. If you check out our walk in bath tub selection you will find we offer several bath tubs with a massage feature as well. The Ella Brand Walk In Tub models ELITE, PETITE, DELUXE, Companion, y ROYAL all offer dual massage jets and the Ultimate walk in bathtub offers a foot massage function as well. These jets are air and water powered and work together to decrease your muscle and joint soreness even further. The pressure of the air and hydro jets, which target most problem areas, feel like a soothing massage. It’s never been easier to ease your day to day tension with Ella Walk In Tubs.

Other benefits of taking a warm bath is that it improves your circulation. The warm water helps to dilate your blood vessels which increases blood flow in your body. Headaches occur when blood vessels restrict making it more difficult to let the blood flow. So the dilation of blood vessels from the warm water can definitely relieve the pounding in your head. Additionally, improved circulation allows blood to flow to achy muscles which helps to repair the damaged tissue. This is just another way a hot bath can relieve your tension.

Taking a relaxing bath has been shown to help with many more body afflictions than what’s listed above. The release of muscle tensions will in turn relieve your stress and insomnia making it easier to have a restful night sleep. The warm steam that comes off the bath can improve respiratory function for people suffering from asthma, a bronchitis, or a common cold.  There are so many benefits to treating yourself to a warm bath and Ella Walk In Tubs are just the solution to that.

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