¿Hay bañeras sin cita con duchas?

Aegis mampara de ducha de vidrio templado de 4 pliegues de 3 mm para bañeras sin cita

Do you need a walk-in tub but don’t want to give up your shower? No problem. las burbujas de ella offers a new walk-in tub shower combo.

Ella Walk-in Tub Shower Combo

Ella walk-in tub shower kits are installed in addition to your your existing bathtub faucet. They have a long shower column that attaches to the wall with screws. The rainwater shower head attaches to the end of the column.

These kits have just a few pieces, so they are quick and inexpensive to install. A simple deck-mounted kit can be installed in less than a day and you may be able to do this job yourself if you’re a DIY type person or an experienced carpenter.


If you prefer to shower quickly rather than wait for your walk-in tub to fill, our Ella walk-in tub shower kit is for you. A high-gloss chrome finish pairs well with the minimalist design.

The Ella shower column kit is a simple way to add an immersive shower experience to your walk-in tub.

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