Ella Walk In Bathtubs all come with and LED light near the bottom of the tub. The LED light cycles through various colors and illuminates the entire water for a beautiful and soothing experience. This process is called Chromatherapy. Chromaptherapy used in combination with the air or hydro jets will leave you with the most rejuvenating bath experience like never before.

Chromatherapy      Chromatherapy      Chromatherapy

Color has often been used in the past as treatment for illnesses. Since 1876, people used light waves to rid the mind and body of ailments and this is what is referred to as Chromatherapy. It is believed that each color has a different healing property. This is why the LED Chromaptherapy light cycles through the entire spectrum. Even if one is skeptical of the healing experience it provides, Chromatherapy still makes for a beautiful environment which creates a more relaxing bath experience.


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