Handicap Accessible Walk In Bathtubs – Wheelchair

Transferxxxl Outward Swing Door Wheelchair Accessible Acrylic Walk-in Bathtub – 36″w X 55″l (91cm X 140cm)

Handicapped individuals can live a more independent lifestyle by installing an accessible bathtub in their home. It can also help, enhance bathroom safety and convenience. Handicapped bathtubs come with a wide range of features available today. They are designed with style and accessibility options to accommodate the needs of individuals with physical disabilities or those who are just looking for a soothing way to relax and unwind.

The most in demand accessible tub design is the “walk in” bathtub. With a variety of sizes available walk in bathtubs can fit in almost any size bathroom.  Walk in tubs allow users with mobility issues to quickly and easily enter the tub through a hinged door.  The door feature will allow a person to avoid stepping over a tub threshold that can make it difficult for some to use the bathtub. Falls and injuries climbing over the wall of a traditional tub that often occur are reduced with walk-in bathtubs.

Users lower themselves into the seat and do not need to sit at the bottom of the tub, which makes getting up and out easier. Once a user is seated and has closed and locked the door it is sealed water tight. Our Ella Brand Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs have 3 latches to prevent the door from warping. The 3 latch system increases the strength against water pressure to prevent any leakage.

Hand-held shower heads are available along with heated seats for safe, ease of use and comfort in accessible walk in bathtubs.  The bather can relax comfortably and take advantage of optional features like Hydrotherapy massage jets, Air massage, Infusion­™ MicroBubble Therapeutical Massage, Foot massage, Chromatherapy, Ozone Sterilization, Thermostatic temperature control and BlueTooth speaker features.

You can even just fill the walk in bathtub halfway to use just the foot massage feature instead of taking a whole bath.

Those with more severe mobility limitations and wheelchair users may opt for an Ella handicapped Transfer tub model where the door is larger and opens outward to make it even easier to access.  Special safety features can be customized and selected including adding additional safety bars and more accessibility options.
Handicap Accessible Walk In Bathtubs – Wheelchair
Ella tubs have an exclusive dual drain feature that allows for the water to drain quickly, so that you do not have to wait long before you can exit.


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