Introducing The ShaK- The World’s LARGEST Walk-In Bathtub

Front Entry Outward Swing Door Walk-in Tub – 32″ X 40″ (81cm X 107cm)

From the pioneers of Big4Two, the largest two seat walk-in bathtub, Ella’s Bubbles unveils its much anticipated ShaK- the world’s biggest single seat acrylic walk-in tub designed for athletes, bariatric bathers, and people 6’4” or taller. While the industry offers deep walk-in bathtubs, Ella’s ShaK distinguishes itself by offering the deepest and longest walk-in tub. Now, big and tall bathers can immerse themselves in the luxuriously long, 72” bathtub by simply walking through the outward swing contemporary U-shape door and sitting in an ultra-wide 29” seat. And, while the ShaK dominates the market as the largest bathtub, bathers can expect a quick fill time with Ella’s 5- Piece Fast Fill Faucet and the fastest gravity driven drain in the industry with our exclusive Dual Drain Technology. The ShaK is equipped with a total of 37 jets, including 3 bidet jets used to aid in cleaning difficult to reach places. While most of our competitors offer limited therapeutic options such as Hydrotherapy or Air Jet Therapy, Ella’s Bubbles offers a wide range of therapeutic options, including the newest revolutionary therapies such as Infusion Microbubble Therapy and our signature Independent Hydro Foot Massage. Plus, with two motors, customers have an option to combine all 4 cutting edge therapies to create a Hydrotherapy + Independent Hydro Foot Massage + Air Jet Therapy + Infusion Microbubble Therapy package. The ShaK is tailored to athletes who are looking to recover from years of muscle, joint, or ligament wear and tear. Current athletes and gym junkies can also experience superior rejuvenation by throwing in a bag of ice for a jetted, multi-therapeutic ice bath. Additionally, big and tall bathers reap many benefits, such as: deep or gentle tissue massage, improved blood flow and circulation, and elements that aid in exfoliating, detoxifying, moisturizing, and relieving any skin related issues. Come experience the change big and tall bathers have been waiting for with Ella’s ShaK.


Read what bathers have to say:

It’s been 20 years since I’ve been able to fit inside of a bathtub, but let me tell you- bathing in the ShaK has been a game changer! Just reclining inside of a tub is groundbreaking enough, but more… the jets feel so good!! Being 6’11 takes a toll on your body. I constantly have back pain and I’ve sprained my ankle numerous times. But with the therapeutic jets, my body is continuously rejuvenated. -John C


Most people are amazed by digs- and they should be! But, what’s not amazing are the bruises and tears in ligaments from dig and barrel roll over the years. They look great, but they hurt for days! Soaking in a bathtub always helps, but the only problem is, at 6’3” it’s hard to soak. Instead, my knees pop up or I can only last a few minutes before feeling too cramped. But when I heard about Ella’s ShaK, I begged my husband to get one and he caved (he’s 6’6” so didn’t hate the idea of a tub he could also fit in). I frickin love it!!!!! It has like a million jets and a dial that I can control the strength of the massage…  seriously better than any ice bath I’ve taken. I’m just mad this bathtub wasn’t invented when I was a younger player, could’ve saved me hours of recovery time.

-Sarah G.


I think I must’ve had at least three concussions during my time as a football player, but what’s left the most residual effect is the years of hard tackles. Sometimes I think my body is actually made of concrete, I seriously can’t move. But what has been so helpful is the ShaK. Not only can I actually fit inside, the massage jets feel so good on my muscles and lasts even after I’m done with my bath. I’m so thankful I finally found a form of rehabilitation that I can use everyday in my own home.

-Vince N.


Water has always been my friend, unless it comes from a bathtub. Then, I hate it! Not because of the water, but because I can’t fit in a tub to enjoy it. Actually, I haven’t been able to sprawl out in a bath since I was a teenage girl. But that all changed when I discovered the Ella ShaK. This tub is amazing! I know it may seem like I’m not old enough for a walk-in tub, but at this point I don’t think I’d ever consider anything else. The interior is HUGE. Even I have extra room. But besides being able to lounge in the tub, the best thing about it is hands down the jetting options- an athlete’s best friend!

-Michelle W


Fans love a good hockey fight but players only love them in the moment. After games and weeks of delivering hard hits, you begin to question if fights and extra hard checks are necessary. Your body tells you they’re not! But once I got the ShaK, I felt like I was in the AHL again! I use the massage jets daily and just soak it up for at least an hour a day. And within three months, my muscles felt restored and refreshed. My workouts got better, my time on the ice increased, and my strength was noticeable by my opponents. The ShaK not only helped me recover from years of brutality my body endured, but it also made me a better player.

-John S.


 I might as well be a fish, I practically live in the water. From morning polo practices to late night practices, it seriously never ends! But my favorite time in the water is when I get to relax in my ShaK. But with the adjustment of the jets and water pressure from the massage, I’m in complete control. 

-Andrew M.