New Features Make Your Walk-In Bathtub Safer Than Ever Before

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Ella’s Bubbles announces new safety features on Ella Walk-In Bathtubs, making them even better for seniors, handicapped individuals, and everyone.

For most people, including seniors, a low threshold entry into a walk in bathtub will work just fine and Ella Walk-In Bathtubs include this important safety feature by design. However, for people with more limited physical abilities, Ella’s Bubbles offers bathtub models specifically designed to be wheelchair accessible.

A grab bar is located on the wall opposite to the low threshold entry door to provide additional stability while getting in and out of an Ella Walk-In Bathtub. Textured flooring prevents slipping and provides additional balance when standing.

Ella Walk-In Bathtubs are also designed to drain water rapidly utilizing dual drain technology. Eighty seconds being the approximate time needed to drain a tub (depending on existing plumbing conditions). While this is not always thought of as a safety feature, it’s actually an important aspect because it ensures that the bather does not get too cold before he or she can exit the tub.

Ella Walk-In Bathtubs also include anti-scald thermostatic control valves to prevent accidental scalding of the skin and thermal shock. ADA compatible handlebars, ADA compatible seats, and ADA compliant controls are also included for safety.

When it comes to maximizing safety, Ella’s Bubbles designs and manufactures many unique models of walk in bathtubs to accommodate different body sizes and needs. For example, some models feature outward swinging doors that make it easier for someone in a wheelchair to slide into the seated portion of a walk in bathtub. This same feature can also make it easier for a larger person to get in and out of the bathtub safely.

A smaller walk in bathtub can make it easier for a shorter person to reach the grab bars without having to overreach and lose their balance. A smaller sized walk in bathtub would also help a shorter person sit in a more comfortable position and reach the jets more easily with their legs without having to scrunch down. A better fit keeps the overall experience safer and more comfortable.

Ella’s Bubbles’ outstanding safety record speaks for itself. They have been providing safe walk in bathtubs since 2005 and they continue to improve their safety and comfort features, making improvements and providing more versatility.