Therapeutic Microbubble Baths First Used for Pet Care Gain Popularity in Human Bathing

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Infusion MicroBubble Therapy by Ella’s Bubbles Brings a New Wave of Health Benefits to Taking a Bath

Microbubble Therapy, a form of bathing which first gained popularity in pet care, has been growing immensely in the home bathing industry in recent years. This is due in large part to the development and promotion of the delivery methods and health benefits that microbubbles can provide to the human body.

Ella’s Bubbles, a rising player walk-in the bathtub industry brings consumers a way to enjoy the benefits of microbubbles at home through Infusion MicroBubble Therapy. Infusion MicroBubble Therapy is the process of introducing billions of microscopic, oxygen-rich bubbles into pressurized bathwater.

The resulting water appears milky, but no chemicals or soaps are introduced. The bubbles, less than one one-hundredth of a millimeter in diameter envelop the body, bursting pleasantly and continuously against the skin, providing numerous skin-nourishing, age-defying benefits including skin regeneration and a deep cleansing without the use of soap. The process is all-natural, non-toxic, and safe for any skin type.

“It’s like stepping into a bath of smooth Champagne,” says Ella’s Bubbles. “However, in addition to being less costly than bathing in actual Champagne, our patented Infusion MicroBubble Therapy infuses bath water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than the water that comes directly out of the tap.”

Developed by the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, microbubble therapy provides millions of tiny bubbles bursting against the skin, soothing, exfoliating, and moisturizing the skin, resulting in silky-smooth, cleaner, and better hydrated skin.

The Infusion MicroBubble Therapy system pumps and jets water through a proprietary film, providing the benefits of hyper-oxygenated water without the mechanical drawbacks of a multi-jet system. Soothing and quiet in contrast to jetted tubs, Infusion MicroBubble Therapy also stimulates the epidural layer, promoting restfulness and muscle relaxation.

Therapeutic Microbubble Baths First Used For Pet Care Gain Popularity In Human BathingAs the millions of bubbles burst all around, layers of waste, dead skin, and dirt that become deposited in the outer skin layers are washed away. Originally known for its ability to purge pet hair of allergens and deep-seated dirt without the use of toxic cleansers, microbubble technology is now scientifically proven to be equally beneficial to the pet owners themselves.

Infusion MicroBubble Therapy also has the added effect of increasing the temperature of the bath by roughly one degree Fahrenheit per hour of use. Unlike normal baths, which cool to room temperature over time, an Infusion MicroBubble Therapy bath will retain its heat, delivering the muscle-relaxing and circulatory benefits of heat treatment without having to add more hot water. These effects have been proven in studies to have positive psychological effects, increasing the feeling of warmth and well-being and easing the transition into sleep.

If that wasn’t enough, Infusion MicroBubble Therapy also makes your bath cleaner and more hygienic. Legionella and Aeruginosa bacteria, which live freely in untreated bathwater, is killed within ten minutes in a microbubble bath. Ella’s Bubbles offers alcove standard bathtubs, standalone Infusion MicroBubble bathtubs, as well as modification kits to turn current bathtubs into soothing cocoons of restorative and anti-aging properties.

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