Medical Devices

Walk In Tub Reviews, Testimonials, & Feedback

A walk-in tub can be beneficial to owners of the following medical devices.

Medical Devices

Life Alert & Alert Necklace Wearers Often Purchase Walk-in Tubs

Life alert provides another layer of safety and reassurance. People who own these devices are likely at higher risk of falls or injuries. If you are in the market for a life alert necklace, you should consider a Walk-In tub to reduce chance of slipping or falling. With a low step threshold, and a unique slip-proof design, Walk-In Tubs are effective at increasing livelihood safety. See our blog post, Life Alert Buyers Should Also Consider a Walk In Tub for Increased Safety, to learn more.

Medical Devices

When You’re in The Market for a Hearing Aid, Consider a Walk-in Tub

Consumers of hearing aids should also consider a walk in tub because they address issues relevant to those with limited ability/mobility. If you have trouble hearing, you may also be interested in other life improvements that can add an additional level of safety and convenience to your daily routine. With labeled buttons and full feature capability, Walk-In Tubs can also provide ease with troubling tasks. See our blog post, Walk In Tubs are the Perfect Hearing Aid Companion, to learn more.


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