Walk In Bathtub Installation

Walk In Bathtub Installation

Ella’s Bubbles Walk-In Bathtubs

Are you looking for a more pleasant and hassle-free bathing experience in your home? At Ella’s Bubbles, our walk in bath installer network can help local homeowners upgrade their bathrooms—and their comfort—with professional walk in bath installation services.

Our nation wide authorized resellers and professional installer network can work with any bath renovation project regardless of size including institutions, hospitality industry, hotels, nursing homes, care homes, hospitals, commercial, or residential. They will work with any individual home owner to make your bathrooms more accessible to everyone.

A walk in bathtub can make your bathing experience accessible, safe and enjoyable.

Whether you wish to install a walk in tub to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy massage, or so that you may bathe safely and independently in your home, or our network of professionals is available to install your walk in tub.

To install a walk in bathtub, call 800-480-6850 or contact us online to request a Free In-Home Consultation.

Walk In Bathtub Installations

When you schedule a walk in bath consultation, our network of professional installers will help you get the features that you really want. Our walk in bathtubs by Ella’s Bubbles are made with over 12 years of experience in custom bath design. additionally, we can install your bathtub in as little as one day.

We know you want the tub to look spectacular and to fit in with your current bathroom design. Our bath models are the most luxurious on the market with the best features and options to enhance your bathing experience. Our bathtub installers offer several walk in bathtub options to fit your budget and your home decor.

To install a walk-in tub, call us or contact us online to get started today.

Therapeutic Walk-In Bathtub Features

Our walk in baths are designed to maximize your comfort as you bathe. The following are some of the therapeutic benefits of our walk in tubs:

  • Hydrotherapy Massage Jets and Air Massage Jets – Feel tension in your muscles alleviate as hydrotherapy jets relieve tension in your legs, behind your calves, and along your back and spine.
  • Adjustable Hand Sprayer – Choose from a wide variety of spray settings.
  • Heated Seat and Backrest – Adjustable temperature controls soothe your skin and muscles along your back, neck, and shoulders.

Learn more about walk-in tubs when you call 800-480-6850 or contact us online today!

Walk-In Bathtub Safety Features

Safety, accessibility, and convenience are top priorities for anyone interested in installing a walk in bath in their home. At Ella’s Bubbles, our walk in baths have many unique safety features.

Quick Fill Faucets – We don’t like to keep you waiting. Ella walk-in tubs are quick filling and draining tubs with flow rates up to 18GPM and drain times of 80 +/- seconds. Disclaimer: Flow rate is based on house water pressure, and drainage time based on condition of the house drain.

Support Handrails – Bathtub handrails are positioned on the interior and exterior surfaces of the bath to support an easy transition from sitting to standing—or moving in and out of the tub.

Thermostatic Control Valve – Has an anti-scald feature that keeps the water at a consistent temperature and prevents water from suddenly shifting to unsafe temperature levels.

Ozone Sterilization – The bacteria and grime that builds up in a bathtub are washed away. With just a press of a button Ozone Sterilization activates and gets rid of mold and bacteria in the water and in the jetting lines. It also prevents mildew and dingy odors from forming.

Dual Drain Technology – Draining the tub has never been quicker or easier. It reduces the wait time of a traditional drain to under 2 minutes. Disclaimer: Flow rate is based on house water pressure, and drainage time 80 +/- seconds based on condition of the house drain.

One-Day Walk-In Tub Installations

Ella’s nation wide authorized resellers and professional installer network provides walk-in bath installation services and throughout the USA. If you have a question about walk-in tubs for your home, talk with one of our certified installers for more information.

Call Ella’s Bubbles at 800-480-6850 or contact us to schedule a walk in bath installation in your home today.