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Chicago based manufacturer of acrylic walk-in bathtubs Ella’s Bubbles is proud to announce the availability of an incredible array of best-in-class walk-in tubs at the most competitive prices in the nation. Budget-minded homeowners are now given the opportunity to make it easier for their family members, including their aging parents to enjoy a more comfortable, therapeutic, and safer bathing experiences in the comfort of their own home.

Ella’s Bubbles is committed to facilitate the extra safety and comfort of all family members without breaking one’s bank, generously providing a vast range of Ella walk-in tubs to suit all needs, size, design preferences, and budgets. Getting the best price on a walk-in tub has never been easier, more convenient and more rewarding than with Ella’s Bubbles.

From inward swing door walk-in tubs that take up the least space in the bathroom and outward swing door walk-in tubs that provide the most room to enter the tub (great for people with mobility issues), to two-seat walk-in tubs for couples who want to bathe together comfortably, and wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs, Ella’s Bubbles carries the ideal, budget-friendly walk-in tub for any family and its members.

When shopping for an Ella walk-in tub it’s important to balance crucial factors such as the specific needs of family’s members (i.e, the size & shape of the walk-in tubs, the right door, additional features, accessories etc.) and bathroom space. Selecting the right walk-in tub for your bathroom can save you valuable money, and therefore it’s in your best interest to take the bathroom dimensions into consideration. Likewise, the therapeutic/massage options (e.g. air massage, water/hydro massage, Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy or a combination of these) require additional space as they are typically installed below the seat of the walk-in tub. Custom jetting can however be added on a case by case basis.

The innovative Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy technology infuses the pressurized water with literally billions of minuscule oxygen-rich bubbles that take one’s bathing experience to a new level of deep relaxation, serenity, and overall well-being, in addition to quickly sterilizing their bath (proven in a clinical setting to kill both Aeruginosa and Legionella bacteria in just 10 minutes). Even better, the multiple therapeutic and warming effects of Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy last for many hours after the experience is over and thus help facilitate both physiological and psychological conditions for a good night’s sleep.

Ella Acrylic Walk-In Tubs come not only only with multiple safety features to minimize injuries in the bathroom but also with exclusive, unique features, including Dual Drain technology, the patented 360 degree swivel tray, thermostatic control valve, and detachable stainless steel doors with tempered glass, thus enabling customers to get the most bang for their buck.

Anyone who wants to benefit from owning a first-class yet generously accessible walk-in tub, loaded with exclusive features, should not hesitate to get in touch with Ella’s Bubbles either by phone at 800-480-6850 or via the online contact form for any questions and FREE pricing information on any Ella walk-in tub. Also, feel free to inquire about Ella’s Bubbles warehouse clearance inventory so you can benefit from incredible discount prices while they last.

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Founded in 2005, Chicago, Illinois-based Ella’s Bubbles is the nation’s premier manufacturer of top-quality acrylic walk-in bathtubs as well as a national distributor of top-quality bathroom fixtures and showers. The company’s nation-wide authorized resellers and installer network can professionally take care of any bathroom renovation project, whether it’s a lavish re-do or a small project. They will work diligently with residential clients, making their bathrooms easily accessible to everyone in the family, as well as with commercial clients, including nursing homes, hotels, institutions, and hospitals.