Ella’s Bubbles Offers Home Accessibility Advice to Aging Senior Population

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Planning for the future by preparing the home is key to staying healthy and safe, while making a smooth transition into older age, when mobility loss can get in the way of daily life

The senior population in the U.S. is rapidly growing. With over 46 million Americans already over the age of 65, the rest of the baby boomers will join them by 2030. More than ever before in history, it’s time that aging adults start investing in renovations at home to create safer places to make the transition and accommodate the changes that come with getting older; namely diminished mobility.

Making changes to allow easier and safer mobility has reached a point where the options available are better than ever. Companies and organizations have honed years of research to develop a variety of ways for seniors to plan for and utilize ways to age safety in the comfort of their own homes.

Accessibility is the name of the game that encompasses many aspects to home safety. For instance, ensuring wide access points in areas like outdoor walk-ways, in-door hall ways, and doorways are key when working with wheelchair access. This also includes making it easier to accommodate chair and stair lifts and ramps, especially important in multi-level homes. It’s recommended that multi-level home owners consider locating a bedroom and full bathroom on the ground floor for safety and convenience.

Another major area to consider is height and reach. Lower tables, countertops, cabinets and shelves can make it significantly easier to go about the day without worrying that thing like kitchen supplies, clothing or other commonly used items are out of reach. Over extending the body when reaching for items can cause falls due to loss or balance, in addition to muscle strain from overextending the body.

Avoiding slips and falls are one of the most important reasons for making homes safer and more accessible. Installing grab bars in frequently trafficked or vulnerable locations can be a big help. In addition, choosing low pile or tight looped carpeting over potentially slippery smooth floors can help with walking. It’s important to also remember that large area rugs are a better choice over small throw rugs that are more likely to slide around.

Fall prevention is especially important to prepare for in the bathroom. Over one-third of adults over the age of 65 fall each year and over 80 percent of those falls are in the bathroom.

“Bathing is a key activity for staying clean and healthy, but unfortunately sometimes dangerous to do with loss of mobility,” says Laimonis Magone, CEO, Ella’s Bubbles. “When seniors are unable bathe regularly and safely at home, they are usually forced to consider assisted living facilities or nursing homes.”

Walk-in tubs are one of the safest and most comfortable ways to continue bathing safely at home. Ella’s Bubbles designs walk-in tubs in a number of configurations with customizable features to provide added comfort and a luxurious spa-like bathing experience. Additional features include removable stainless steel doors, grab bars, patented swivel trays, gravity driven Dual Drain Technology, therapeutic foot massage, Infusion MicroBubble Therapy and more.

To learn more about walk-in tubs and the latest features in safer bathing with mobility loss, contact us today.

About Ella’s Bubbles
Founded in 2005 by Laimonis Magone, Ella’s Bubbles is a Chicago-based (OEM) manufacturer of acrylic walk in tubs and a nationally distributed manufacturer of private label accessible shower stalls and gel coat walk in tubs. Since its foundation, Ella’s has been at the forefront of acrylic walk in tub development, production, and distribution in North America.