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New Product: Cultured Marble Shower Wall Surround Panels

PVC Shower Panels vs. Cultured MarbleElla Multi-Piece Cultured Marble Shower Walls are a new product from Ella’s Bubbles that will look great in your bathroom.

Ella Cultured Marble Bathtub and Shower Multi-Piece Wall Surrounds, shower bases and accessories come in many colors and styles, giving you the ability to choose a shower that suits you and your home.

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Acrylic Wall Liners

Acrylic Wall Liners Vs. Cultured Marble Shower Surround Panels

The choice is really between the wall materials that will be used in the tub surround. They are similar in that there is no grout to clean like tile. The price for the two are about the same. Cultured marble comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty guaranteeing it to be free from defects in workmanship and material. Cultured marble is more durable over time because it will not disintegrate like acrylic. Cultured marble will remain more water resistant longer than acrylic because its is a harder and more durable material that acrylic. There is nothing easier to clean or more durable than a cultured marble product.

Design wise there is no question that cultured marble is a more refined looking surface that is more luxurious to the touch than acrylic. Cultured marble is easy to install and can be customized to fit any bathroom. The cultured marble panels can be cut to any size and the seams can be hidden with trims. This make is great for contractors or do-it-yourself home owners. These panels come in different colors and textures, with different tile sizes with styles to fit contemporary, traditional, Shabby Chic, Mid-Century Modern and even Modern Farmhouse bathrooms. If you’re looking for shower wall panels for a modular home or bathtub walls for a vacation home, these units are perfect.

Cultured Marble 8PC Shower Wall Panel Surrounds

Cultured Marble 8PC Shower Wall Panel Surrounds

Cultured Marble 8-panel shower wall surrounds are available in a variety of color, patterns and finishes from contemporary to classic to suit you and your home.

Cultured Marble 6PC Shower Wall Panel Walk-In Tub Surrounds

Cultured Marble 6PC Shower Wall Panel Walk-In Tub Surrounds

6-panel cultured marble wall surrounds are designed specifically for walk-in bathtubs and are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes.

Cultured Marble 4PC Shower Wall Panel Bathtub SurroundsElla Multi-Piece CM showers

Cultured Marble 4PC Shower Wall Panel Bathtub Surrounds

Cultured Marble 4-panel wall surrounds are available in a variety of different colors, patterns & finish options from contemporary to classic..

Acrylic Wall Liner Packages

wallliner beautyshot

Ella Acrylic Wall Liners Packages offer convenient and affordable solutions for an easy bathroom upgrade. Choose one of our handpicked Standard, Complete, or Complete Freedom package options. They come with three acrylic panels that are incredibly solid, yet flexible, and allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. We also offer a variety of solid and premium wall colors that can transform your bathroom in as fast as one day. The panel height reaches 98.5 inches which will allow from floor/base to ceiling and provides enough material for any project in between. Upgrading from the Standard Package is easy with the Complete Package, which adds a base, corner seat and shelf. Or take it one step further with the Complete Freedom Package to include a four piece grab bar set. These liners can either cover existing tile for a quick renovation or be installed on drywall for new construction, and are also packaged for easy transport and safe shipping. The packages were introduced to eliminate confusion by offering pre-determined components from our most popular requests. For more information, or for help choosing a package that is right for you, contact us today!

Customize – A La Carte

Customize Acrylic Wall Liners

The possibilities and combinations are extensive. A la carte means select what you need without being restricted to a preset package, basically build your own package. Choose from a wall panel set or a single wall panel piece. Then choose from four standard to ten premium color options with eight simulated tile patterns. Accessories? No problem… we have corner caddy shelves, soap dishes, shaving stands and corner seats in different sizes and shapes are available to provide additional functionality and convenience in the shower space. More design elements are available with wainscoting, trim kits and more.

To simplify the process as much as possible, you order with an easy 1-2-3 ordering process, which features multiple combinations to fit your needs and preferences. Step one, choose your acrylic wall liners. Step two, choose the color and tile pattern. Step three, choose your accessories. It’s that easy! When ordering three walls to complete shower or bathtub surround we require an Installation Kit. An à la carte Acrylic Wall Liners order is very detailed, please call for details.

Acrylic Wall Panels

Regular Bend

The Shower Wall Liner 3 Piece Set includes 3 acrylic wall panels with a 2 in. bend on the 98.5’’ side.

1 x 65’’ x 98.5’’ Flat Wall Panel
2 x 40’’ x 98.5’’ Side Wall Panels

A Bend

The Shower Wall Liner 3 Piece Set with A-Bends includes 3 acrylic wall panels with a 1.5’’ bend on all sides.

1x 65’’ x 98.5’’ with 2’’ bend on 65’’ side
2x 36’’ x 98.5’’ Side Wall Panels

Flat Wall


Shower Wall Liner Single Sheets are available in several sizes, depending on finish. Flat Color Sizes:

61’’ x 85’’
65’’ x 98.5’’
85’’ x 132’’

Simulated Tile Pattern Sizes:
36’’ x 98’’
60’’ x 98’’

Color & Tile Patterns

Solid Color Options

Almond, Biscuit, Gray, Sandbar, White

Premium Gloss Options

Almond-White, Madiera Granite, Silver White, Travertine, Valencia Granite, Juparana Granite

Premium Matte Options

Brecchia, Canyon Slate, River Rock, Roman Stone, Rosa Slate

Simulated Tile Pattern Options

4″ square, 6″ square, 8″ x 10″, 12″ square, Diamond,
Subway, Windmill

Acrylic Wall Liners

Cultured Marble 36″x60″ Shower Base with Trench Drain Cover and 16″x22″ Seat

Ella Acrylic Bathroom Wall Liner Accessories offer endless combinations for you to include in your space to ensure a beautiful, convenient bathing area. Acrylic Wall Liner Accessories are available in ALL color options to help create a seamless designer look. Please ask your dealer for finish samples to select the perfect option for your space. Click the image to learn more.

Installation Kit

Installation Kit – Why It’s important

Overall, the Installation Kit for the acrylic wall surrounds provides all the adhesive materials approved for the installation of the wall panels and accessories. The installation kit is specifically tailored to the wall color and is compatible to create the perfect cohesion for that professional finish. We require all the packages or 3-piece wall kits to include the Installation Kit. Here’s what is included in the kit:

• Premium Grade silicone (Color Compatible)
• Premium Liquid Adhesive (1 Quart)
• Black Flat Butyl Tape Roll
• Silicone and Caulk Primer (13.5 OZ)
• Primer Can with Brush

Please refer to each product manual for detailed information including quantities, additional materials needed and helpful tips to ensure you have a smooth project.